Monday, July 16, 2018
Terms & Conditions
Each advert must have a contact telephone number and a contact name.

Adverts will only appear on our website after full payment of the appropriate fee has been made.

An advert shall remain live on the website during the whole period it is scheduled to run for. Advertiser Malawi shall not be held responsible for unavailability of adverts due to power failure or other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

Expired adverts will be automatically removed from the website unless payment has been received to re-run the advert for a further specified period.

Adverts should have an accurate and honest description of the product/service being offered. Advertiser Malawi shall not be held accountable for inaccurate description given in an advert.

The advertisement of illegal products/services and the use of inappropriate or offending language in an advert is not permitted. Advertiser Malawi reserves the right to refuse/remove an advert deemed offending or advertising illegal products/services.

Unless otherwise stated, the price quoted on all vehicles from abroad is the Free On Board (FOB) price. The FOB is the price of the vehicle including the cost of transportation to the port of export but excluding the cost of shipping.
The shipping cost shall be provided within 24 hours of the receipt of confirmation from the customer to reserve the vehicle. As a guide only, a 4 door saloon costs about £600 to ship from the United Kingdom to Durban/Cape Town, RSA.

Optional insurance is provided at 2.5 percent of the vehicle price payable to the shipping agents through Advertiser Malawi.

A vehicle from abroad will only be dispatched after full payment including the cost of shipping has been received.

Customers wishing to purchase vehicles from the United Kingdom through company loans should contact our sales representatives in Blantyre, Lilongwe or Mzuzu, or send an e-mail to A signed letter from the customer and a headed letter from their employer/loan provider confirming the availability of funds upon the arrival of the vehicle in the country will be required. Upon receipt of the appropriate documentation, the vehicle will be shipped to Malawi and all payments including the cost of shipping and the handling fee for getting the vehicle from the port in RSA to Malawi should be made within 10 working days of the vehicle’s arrival in Malawi.

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